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Children’s First Aid Training Day

Children’s First Aid Training Day

Dynamic and engaging training for children aged 7-14. Accommodate up to 60 children with four 1-hour sessions throughout the day. Each session covers up to 15 children. Key First Aid skills taught include; CPR, recovery positions, and managing choking. Sessions conducted on-site at your preferred location.
Course Type: On-Site Group Booking
Course Price: £395
Course Period: 0.5Day(s)
Course Type : On-Site Group Booking |
Course Price : £395 |
Course Period : 0.5 Day(s)

Course Overview

Empower children with essential First Aid skills in engaging 1-hour sessions at your location.

Get Kids Involved in First Aid!

First Aid isn’t solely for adults; it’s a vital skill that even children can master quickly, equipping them with important safety knowledge and boosting their confidence to handle emergencies.

At Leeds First Aid Courses, we offer a dedicated 1-Hour Children’s Training session designed specifically for kids aged 7-14. Our courses are dynamic, interactive, and thoroughly enjoyable, focusing on practical skills.

Participants will learn crucial First Aid techniques, such as performing CPR on a mannequin, positioning someone safely in the recovery pose, and mastering how to respond to choking incidents with our interactive “choking jacket” activity.

Book Your Course

Book our team for a full day, and we can conduct up to four 1-hour sessions, accommodating up to 15 children each. This training is ideal for schools, community groups, and youth organizations looking to educate children in a fun and practical way.

Transform young learners into everyday heroes

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The price covers all fees.

Course Type

Key First Aid skills taught include CPR, recovery positions, and managing choking.


No certification is provided for this course.

Our Accreditations

First Aid Industry Body

The First Aid Industry Body (FAIB) is a leading first aid training accreditation body. Their courses are recognised by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE). Our first aid at work courses are accredited by the FAIB.


The Federation of First Aid Training Organisations (FOFATO) represent over 400 first aid training providers throughout the UK. A FOFATO member displays you meet a level of due diligence with regards to training standards.

Qualsafe Logo

Registering with an Ofqual awarding organisation like Qualsafe ensures that the training you receive is of the highest quality, and that the qualifications we provide are accredited through a government-approved and nationally recognised qualification.

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